Varia Brewing was founded to create the highest quality brewing equipment. Our goal is to help people learn about coffee and enhance the brewing process at home.

We have designed and developed Varia products to enhance the brewing experience in your home and encourage experimentation of brew methods enabling the user to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the coffee experience.

Becoming part of the Varia family and community will take you on a coffee journey in the hands of coffee masters.

The Varia team combines over 50 years of global experience in the speciality coffee community and most importantly we are coffee people!

Utilising modern and innovative designs and manufacturing technologies, we strive to create very best brewing products.  



Its a very functional brewer that you can make coffee depending on your preferences depending on your flavour and style. Its portable, looks fantastic and is easy to keep clean.


After extensive testing we can confirm that a single grind setting works for all of the brewing methods tested. Basically you dial in for pour over and you're golden for everything else. Also, major props to Varia for their packaging!


Still blows my mind how one unit can be so versatile, perfect for someone like me that changes brew methods multiple times a day, Loving the Varia 6 in 1 multi brewer!


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