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How do I clean my Varia?

After each use, rinse the coffee residue and wipe off the residual oil with a cloth. If used frequently Varia can be cleaned once a month with a mild neutral detergent. (Not recommended for washing in a dishwasher).

Filter: The metal filter is easy to clean and disassemble. If there is coffee residue attached to it, the seal ring can be removed and immersed in water to remove the residue.

Moka Pot Funnel: Over time coffee residue may build up inside the funnel pipe - immerse in water to remove the residue before further use.

Can I order replacement seals/parts if I need them?

If you require additional replacement seals, these can be purchased through your dealer. In addition, a selection of décor bands (coloured) are supplied with Varia which are intended for personal customisation. The décor bands do not require replacement.

Our seals are designed to last up to 3 months with regular use. If you notice any deterioration of seals, this indicates that replacement is required. You will find a guide to seal replacement included in the bag of replacement seals Please follow these instructions carefully.

Each Varia is supplied with a set of seals (black) that will ensure a 12 month replacement programme. 

Do I need a different grind size for each brew method?

No, Varia can brew all methods using a filter/french press grind size. If you want to extract even more from your coffee, we recommend investing in a quality grinder so that you can adjust to suit your brewing preference.

What is the volume of the jug?

500ML/0.5L or 17oz

Where will paper filters be sold?

Papers will be available for purchase from the point of purchase or you can order direct from our website. The V-02 size papers are also available in most supermarkets around the world.

What is Varia made from?

Varia is designed to deliver the highest quality brewing experience, durability and aesthetics crafted from stainless steel,
BPA-free materials and silicone.

Does Varia come with a warranty?

Yes, Varia Brewing offers a 12 month manufacturers warranty.