(Pre-Order) Varia Hand Grinder

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Lightweight Aluminium Body

Dual Bearing Drive Assembly

Precision CNC 38mm Stainless Steel Burr

24 Point Precision Grind Adjustment


Feature 1

V02 style paper filter cone

Our Filter cone has been designed to fit a 02 style paper filter, these can be purchased from most coffee stores around the world and also at many supermarkets.
Feature 1
Precision photo etched filters
Our stainless steel filters have been designed to stop coffee passing through into the cup. We have also used a highly specialised process called photo etching to achieve the most precise hole size.
Feature 1
Multi-functional boiler
We have designed our boiler to work with Gas, Electric & Induction cooktops, ensuring you can use Varia anywhere.
Feature 1
Stainless steel twin wall server
Our twin wall server is designed to keep your coffee/tea hot & cold for much longer. We also have included a half fill measure at the 250ml level.
Feature 1
Cool touch silicone handle
The handle is coated using the highest grade of silicone and is designed to be smooth and with a comfortable grip while also adding to the design.
Feature 1
Volumetric dosing basecap
Our basecap design includes volume indentations to help you measure your preferred dose if you do not have a scale.